Acid Lounge Vol 6
Dave Mascall

So here it is … ACID LOUNGE vol 6 …This time Dave has included his favourite mixes of some of his UK Soul Chart successes over the last couple of years together with some fantastic new tracks. On volume 6 there is what is now considered the norm with an Acid Lounge album, the usual combination of up tempo vocal and instrumental bangers with some solid mid tempo groovers together with a couple of laid back soulful tracks, enough to make this an album worthy of praise from the discerning afficianados of the Soul and Jazz Funk genres. Once again Dave is both proud and fortunate to have had some fantastic collaborations and contributions from so many talented vocalists and musicians on these recordings. Namely… Superb vocal performances from… Julia Quinn (tracks 2,5,9,11). Hannah White (track 4). Miracle Thomas (track 8). Lady Roxanne (track 12). Anita Carmichael (track 3). Fantastic musical contributions from… Mike King (Piano solos and string arrangements, tracks 1,2,7). Steve”Shonkers” Shone (Bass guitar tracks 3,7). Neil Robinson (Drums and percussion tracks 7,14). John “Sharpie” Sharpe (Flute and soprano sax track 10). Paula Borrell (Flute track 4). Anita Carmichael (Alto sax track 3). Ian Thompson (Alto sax track 12) Dave Mascall …All production using Logic Pro X. All guitars…using Ibanez F100, Epiphone JP, Fender Stratocaster Deluxe and Godin LGXT with Roland GR 33 guitar synth.

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