Vaughn Bode's Stripp’d Universe ...A Cartoon Soundtrack Imagining
DJ Regal

“Vaughn Bodé’s Stripp’d Universe (A Cartoon Soundtrack Imagining)” is an instrumental concept album, created by DJ Regal and inspired by the cartoon strips & characters created by the cult underground American artist Vaughn Bodé (b.1941 – d.1975). There are 15 tracks in total, consisting of 11 full-length tracks and 4 ‘skits’, with a total running time of 38 mins.

With nods to his time in The Wiseguys and his later solo albums for Unique records, Regal has drawn up a musical palette that focuses on his Hip Hop sampling roots, 60’s & 70’s psychedelics, experimental electronics, funky jazz snippets, silky-smooth late night grooves, and chunky head-nodding beats.

The track titles and the music within, are based on and taken from, the characters and various scenarios from the much-loved Bodé universe.
Cheech Wizard; Belinda Bump; Cobalt 60; Van Eyke; Da’ Bodé Broads and the dutiful Lizards of Deadbone – these classic characters and more, are all soundtracked, here, for the very first time.

The unique and original artwork, created for this album, was personally hand drawn and coloured by Mark Bodé, Vaughn’s son and keeper of the Bodé legacy – and created in full collaboration with Regal, marking a brand new and original addition to the official canon of Bodé works.
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