Roots People
Funky Destination

Almost one year after his last album in the beginning of 2020, Funky Destination returns back with his brand new, the sixth, studio solo LP album “Roots People”.

Croatian based producer Vladimir Sivc a.k.a Funky Destination managed to bring it on for us, once again. The glorious funk and the groove is the main fundamental concept that he focuses on this new album.

“Roots People” features fourteen strong tracks, all of them holds warm and groovy baselines, supersonic breaks glued in a special way with hot soul melodies and funky tones.

You will discover the fresh funkiness easy here, as it is used with an intelligent and clever way over his arrangements as always. But down under it’s all made in a modern electronic beat-making thinking, combined with old school and a rare groove mood. The album moves from R&B, soul, funk and pumping disco, to meet those breakbeats and blues combined with an organic and vintage sound overall. Percussive and colourful cooked with catchy vocals. With this album you can’t go wrong.

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