Under The sun

Russian based artist Dmitry Khlyninwas was born in a family of church workers, from young age he was sure that music was “his way””. He tried to play guitar with his father and later he started producing his own music. At that time the “club” sound with a straight 4/4 kick was all over the media so he was immersed by the hype, he spent many years trying to find his music path, but no avail. Finally he decided not to lie to himself anymore by accepting the way he really felt the world and music.

“Under the Sun” album started in 2019 as latin jazz music became the best genre in the world for him, this music was filled with positive and sincerity that really helped him. He tried to imitate this sound and came up with “Walking The Streets” not knowing where it will lead him. Then he started adding part by part elements, and over the time he realised that as a child he was really impressed by the music of the era of Big Beat, Breaks, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Latin and Soul.

Under this vibe, he brought to life this cinematic concept that you can hear now over the entire album. You will discover his passion of creating music that varies from Jazz to Funk blended with plenty of Rock inspiration, Trip Hop influences, Big Beats and Breaks combined with modern electronic elements, all well cooked with soul and indie dance style.

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