A native of Baltimore, JSOUL is a truely unique example of the posibilities available to those who encompass the trifecta of creativity when it comes to music, being that of a singer, songwriter and producer. As a triple threat his sound captures the very essence of soul and the deepness of hip hop that is often absent in today’s music. Taking his cues from soul masters both past and present, has inspired him to create quality music of inspiration, pain, pleasure, life, and love with a style that emanates eclectic, funk-da-fied soul. His albums are a culmination of his last 13 years in this industry as an indie soul artist. Its with that momentum he steps into the full roll of producer and draws from his experiences in love, gained and lost; triumphs and failures, old and new. JSOUL lands down eloquently on Inner Tribe Records with his ‘Levels’ project. Label boss Inkswel heard his previous release Neutronic Suite and was blown away by the musicality and deep drenched soulful nature of the album, so much so that he got in contact with JSOUL immediately and enquired about any future projects. This conversation sparked a connection forming the LEVELS project. This is DEEP soul music to tune into interplanetary frequencies.

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