Do It All Night!
Tardam Records

14-track compilation of the retro soul and R&B sounds of the contemporary Italian and Dutch label.

Tardam Records was born out of a collaboration between the Southern Italian City of Taranto at the top of the Puglian isthmus and Amsterdam, the far more northerly metropolis.

The label was founded 2014 by DJ Goffredo Santovito and musicians Fabrizio Carrieri and Mikkel Van Der Meulen. They were passionately motivated to release the music of a select set of European groups that were capturing a new sound in retro soul and R&B.

Over the next four years they released nine singles from groups including the Mighty Typhoons, The Spinshots, The Ska related Uppertones and the raw R&B sound of the Working Voodoo Club, which resulted in dance floor winners, rare 45s and many great moments.

In celebration Acid Jazz asked their friends from Tardam if they could release a compilation of their work, and when they said yes, the label commissioned an exceptional mid-Century style illustration by Dutch illustrator Emanuel Wiemans to wrap it all up in.

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