WeGrowWax is a label started by Polish producer LoopMaffia. His album ‘FunkISH’ released on Cold Busted in 2013 is still one of my favourite albums, and as the name suggests it is very funky. Not long afterwards he started his own label, which has always had a kind of Zen feel to it, and has taken a step back from his funky debut on Cold Busted. This compilation, which includes one of his tracks along with some of the artists releasing on the album, explains the reason behind the label and the sound and approach:

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”

This quote by the one and only Master Lee pushed LoopMaffia – WgW owner – to start this ongoing beautiful adventure. If it wasn’t for his impact, Loop would never start the label. In consequence, he would never meet so many fantastic people in his life nor kick off any of the projects. WeGrowWax Records in its core follows the teachings of Master Lee. A remarkable human being that gave us knowledge surpassing our and future generations.

We finally create a tribute. We are like water. We Got it in Nature

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