Atoms To Atoms
Zodiac Childs

Zodiac Childs present their debut album “Atoms To Atoms” on Zodiac Wax across three pieces of vinyl in a full and vivid expression of the pair’s passion for classic breaks and the UK’s hardcore legacy. Zodiac Childs have been cultish in their release schedule previously – releasing sell out vinyl on their label Zodiac Wax which aims to work within the standards of rave culture’s key fixtures – records that are made to be played loud in the dance.

‘This album is a proper snapshot into the mind of Zodiac Childs & the foundation of what’s to come. It’s all about a genuine vibe, a feeling, a love for playing with energy & emotion. A rich tapestry of sound, not being confined to a specific genre & a constant obsession with analogue synths & hardware reverbs’ – Zodiac Childs

Released on triple vinyl, cut by Simon Davey at The Exchange with a precision-perfect tri-fold sleeve designed by Ben Rix – the release has been executed in the most sonically and dynamic process as possible in a highly elegant package. In addition to presenting 8 new original tracks, 4 of ZC’s best received previously released works that have been remastered for the album – Goblin, Circuits, O to the M and Basic Process.

The album is designed to move the listener through the moods and feelings of a full night of rave experience – with an atmospheric opener in Submersion setting the tone. Circuits follows – a pure anthem for the convoys of cars, filled with weekend warriors riding their first chemical waves. The release moves through the emotions and sounds that ZC are about – building off their hardcore style breaks and moving between touching melodies, wiggling 303 lines, guttural low end frequencies and spacious hardware reverbs are a constant theme in ZC’s work.

Atoms to Atoms is designed to take you through to the iconic spaces and movements of a transcendent party experience – from the inner city warehouses that set the scene for Breach all the way to the energy of abandoned northern English factories and mills, rusted and empty like on Northern Fury. It’s a timely reminder of the sheer heights of joy and ecstasy that UK dance music culture was designed for produced and presented in an expert package.

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