Join us as we attempt to go through all the new releases that we playlist on the Suite Grooves stream, and talk to the artists. musicians and DJs who produce it. We tried to fit it all in one podcast but we couldn’t, so we’ve created an extra podcast to go through some more of the new releases and we called it the Xtra Suite Mix.

All our podcasts are available at most podcast sites such as Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Google, Deezer and more. Look for the Suite Grooves Podcast or you can listen to them or download them here.

August 2022

Some of the new music we added during the month of August.

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Xtra Suite Mix June & July 2022

In this episode Galleon chooses the best of the best from the club music that we added during the months of June and July. There’s new music from Soulance, Da Lukas, A-Trak, Kuhl Kuhl, Mark James, Dom Dolla, Eats Everything and a whole lot more.

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June & July 2022

We’re back with the latest installment of the Suite Grooves New Releases Podcast. This time we have a bumper show as we combine the best releases from June and July. We catch up with Melbourne duo Tom Evans and Jacob Malmo, better known as The Journey about their time in the industry, how they met and their labels and music production. James Locksmith speaks to Inkswel about his label and music. Morganics takes us on a sojourn to Malayasia and Indonesia for the Global Hip Hop Suite. Sharif gives the best in the funkier releases from June and July and Galleon brings two cracker mixes, one for each month..

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Xtra Suite Mix May 2022

We’re back with the May edition of the Xtra Suite mix podcast. Fresh from his influential Tracks Podcast, we’ve put Tonky in charge of deck duties and he’s given us all a lesson in putting together a next level mix. After the mix, we sit down with Tonky to talk through what he chose from our May folders and why.

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May 2022

This month we speak to 2 living legends of  Australian music, DJ Ken Walker who is now better known as [email protected], and Scott Barker aka DJ Bacon.  Morganics goes all French on The Global Hip Hop Suite, and Galleon and Sharif go through some new music.

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Xtra Suite Mix April 2022

On this month’s Xtra Suite Mix we asked Sam Gregg (The Volume Electric/Roti & Schnauzer) if he could mix the tracks for us. He joins Galleon on this episode to talk about his mix and the tracks that he chose.

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April 2022

This month we speak to Zela Morgassian from The Zela Morgassian Quintet about her second album The Road, Paul A. George from Tijuana Cartel about their latest album Acid Pony and Mark James and Peewee Ferris from Two Tribes Records, and 2  Australian dance music legends, tell us why they set up their label and how long they’ve been working together. You can also expect hot new music from Galleon & Sharif and an even hotter segment with Morganics, which has been re-branded as The Global Hip Hop Suite.

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Xtra Suite Mix March 2022

Sharif welcomes guest presenter Shinji as they go through some of the music added during the month of March. There’s new music from Tom Evans, Da Lukas, Random Soul, Sophie Lloyd and a whole lot more.

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March 2022

We speak to Shinji and  Alexander Flood about their sophomore albums,  and to Mind Electric about his releases over the last 2 years. Morganics comes back flying from Womadelaide and has some cool new music to share on The Global Hip Hop Show, and Galleon and Sharif also have quite a bit of new music that they’re excited about.


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Xtra Suite Mix February 2022

An extra podcast featuring some more tracks that were added during the month of February but we couldn’t fit into the New Releases podcast. We have new music from The Journey, Ember, Splice Collective, Original Thieves, Husky, Flight Facilities, Vintage Culture & Sonny Fodera and more in one continuous mix.

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February 2022

On this month’s episode we speak to Hober Mallow & JR Dynamite about That’s Not An Edit 15, Sharif catches up with Tom Drummond to hear about his new projects; Ten Minute Dream and Kindred, and we welcome back Morganics but this time as a presenter. Morganics will be presenting a new segment called The Global Hip Hop Show and trust me, you don’t want to miss this one.


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January 2022

On this month’s episode we catch up with Morganics as he unveils his Dusty Gems, Mark Dynamics tells us about the Australian gems that he has re-worked and re-mixed and DJ Rousey debuts with a real gem of a track. Sharif and Galleon have so much new music to share they can’t fit it all, but they try.

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December 2021

DJ Galleon joins Sharif to present this month’s episode, and they interview Roti & Schnauzer who have finally released their debut after 20 years. Sharif speaks with Samoplogy about his debut album, Regrowth, and to Damien Goundrie from Southlight in Tasmania, about the difficult second album. Sharif continues with some of the stand out tracks of 2021, while Galleon goes deep on a mini mix.

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November 2021

A special interview with Mat KVon from Parachute Youth, who has put together a special half hour mix, and Sharif goes through some of the stand out tracks from 2021.

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